Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Tuesday Shopping...

I did a mini shop today and ordered some Coochy Shave Creme & Coochy Protection Mist.  Also got a G-spot vibrator.  I can't wait for all of it to come in.  I love getting mail with awesome and fun things inside to try out.  I've been slacking at getting the reviews up because I need to get some pictures to go along with them.  HOPEFULLY this week I have a couple to put up.  I switched my main blog over to it's own .com just last week and got it all settled into place and all that jazz.  I'll be around here more often now since that's all done with.


The winner of the Ophoria V Ring is...


E-mail has been sent

Friday, 13 May 2011


The giveaway will be ending on May 23rd I decided :) I can't wait to pick the winner and send out the first prize for this blog Yayyyy.

Yesterday blogger was down all day.  It just happens that yesterday I was ready to do a couple updates, but I couldn't. Today is going to be pretty busy though since it's Friday we have some running around to do.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Ends tonight

Ends tonight at Midnight! Get your free dolphin cock ring by midnight by "like"ing the EdenFantasys facebook page.  All you pay is shipping :) 

Monday, 2 May 2011

Strut your stuff monday

Question of the week: Have you posted naughty pictures on your blog, facebook, myspace, etc?

I think now-a-days with digital cameras and such a lot of people have had some naughty pictures taken, but  you will not find any of me on facebook, myspace or my blog. haha.  Sorry ;]

Last week went by way to fast and it was Friday before I knew it, so! the review that was suppose to be last week will be posted this week :) Other than that I don't have any set things for this week

Week 2 Oral Sex Tips & Week 3

Oral sex can be a great way to start things off and get both going. It's  great for women who normally won't get off with just straight too sex. It can also be used as a main course if you chose. Play a round with different techniques and see what gets the heat raising

Tips For Men:

- Build up some anticipation before diving in

- Use long and thick strokes covering entire vagina

- Don't switch the rhythm too fast if she's really enjoying it

- If she's close to finishing don't stop

- Don't be too rough this is a sensitive area. Take note on how she reacts to certain touch

Tips For Women

- Start off slow with simple kissing and licking of his shaft

- Remember the underside of his shaft is one of the most sensitive spots along with the head of his penis so, lick away

- Use a small bullet vibe. Make sure to find out if it's to much for your partner

Week 3

It's short and simple no need for tips.  Go shopping for lingerie that will make you feel sexier.  You can have fun doing this choosing what you like and what your partner likes.  Head to your local lingerie shop, adult store or check out sites online.  So many great things for you and your partner to pick from.  It's a simple way to spice up the bedroom and your bound to find something that you will both love.