Sunday, 17 April 2011

Joanna Angel 7.5" Waterproof Vibe

Size: 7.5"
Colors: Pink or Black
Batteries: 2 C
*Phthalate free*

Pros: Strong Vibrations so it's good if your in a hurry.  Easy to clean. Nice design.

Cons: It's not the quietest toy.

Material:  The Joanna Angel Vibe is made of plastic and has some texture to the outside that has a fracture look to it.    It reminds of the crackle nail polish I use to wear.  Since it's a hard plastic you could use it with any of your favorite lubes without  ruining your toy.  It doesn't have a weird plastic smell to it.  It has a rubber O- ring around the battery compartment so, the toy is waterproof.  If it's broken or missing your toy is no longer safe to use in water.

Use: Vaginal, Clitoral.  Use it by yourself or with a partner.

Functions:  You can control the functions of this toy by twisting the bottom clockwise.  You will feel the vibrations get stronger as you work your way through all the settings.  Once your on the maximum one you will see just how powerful this vibrator is.  On full power it might be too strong for some, but you can always turn it down to the setting you prefer.  The toy can get pretty loud though when you get to the higher settings.  I placed a video at the bottom of the post so, you can hear it.

Care:  Since it's plastic the clean up is simple.  Just use liquid anti bacterial soap and some warm water to wipe it down or your favorite toy cleaner.

Other:  It comes packaged in a clear plastic package with a cardboard insert.  When you open up the insert it shows you other toys in her line. It's easy to open.  I would recommend this toy if your looking for a basic vibrator that will get the job done.

***Up Coming Review*** Joanna Angel's Spiked Duo balls

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