Monday, 2 May 2011

Strut your stuff monday

Question of the week: Have you posted naughty pictures on your blog, facebook, myspace, etc?

I think now-a-days with digital cameras and such a lot of people have had some naughty pictures taken, but  you will not find any of me on facebook, myspace or my blog. haha.  Sorry ;]

Last week went by way to fast and it was Friday before I knew it, so! the review that was suppose to be last week will be posted this week :) Other than that I don't have any set things for this week


Anonymous said...

I know how that goes. Time tends to fly sometimes doesn't it. Thanks for linking up.

Pleasure Piratess said...

Yeah, you won't see me posting any naughty pics either. I think many people don't realize how damaging something like that could be in a few years when they are job searching, or their kids get online, etc.

Serafina Brightside said...

I have! It was fun too.